Web Application Development

Blueric Software develops custom web applications and services for a number of industries. Advances in internet related and software development technologies have made rich internet application (RIAs) and web enabled applications (WEIs) more feasible for businesses making new investments in software development, as well as for businesses wanting to migrate their current applications to web-based solutions. Blueric Software develops dynamic web applications using a number of Microsoft technologies, including ASP.NET, Silverlight, AJAX, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Benefits of Web Application Development

Web applications and rich internet applications (RIAs) in particular, have a number of benefits over traditional desktop applications:

  • Cross-Platform Accessibility

    Web applications allow users to access the application from any device with an internet connection and often use browsers as the delivery platform making them capable of running on multiple devices and operating systems while providing greater flexibility for users.

  • Easy Deployment and Upgrades

    Web applications generally require little to no installation on end-user computers and thus avoid many of the system maintenance and deployment issues that are common with traditional desktop applications. Additionally, because these systems are deployed on servers, upgrades and enhancements can often be deployed more quickly and more frequently.

  • Lower Cost of Ownership

    The deployment characteristic of web applications tends to reduce the cost of maintenance and support typically associated with desktop applications. This increases the value of the application and lowers the total cost of ownership as compared to traditional desktop applications.

  • Increased Security

    Web applications generally utilize central deployment and data storage. Sensitive or proprietary business assets can be secured in a controlled environment and important data can be backed up without ever having the end-user’s computer enter into the equation.

  • Reduced costs

    Web applications reduce the cost of maintenance and support typically associated with desktop applications. With one less application installed on the end user machines, desktop IT support costs tend to be reduced when compared with a web-based alternative.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

    Web applications and services offer the opportunity to monetize your product in a manner that is not easily achieved with traditional desktop applications. By offering your software as a service, or on demand application, it becomes much easier to generate recurring revenue while offering your customers a lower-cost way to use frequently updated software, possibly on an as needed basis.

Learn more about some of the tools and technologies we use to build web applications and services.