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Hi, This is Eric

About Me & My Skills

I am an accomplished results-driven technology expert, consultant and leader, with a wealth of experience solving complex business problems using innovative technology solutions. While working in both startup and established environments I have developed a strong set of skills and can bring exceptional value to your team.

I am also the founder and lead developer for TournamentTiger™ ⇔ a comprehensive martial arts tournament management system that includes a collection of incredibly powerful and easy to use software tools uniquely designed to streamline the process of hosting a martial arts tournament.

Full Stack Development (Desktop, Web, Services)
Web Development (HTML/CSS/JS...)
.Net Technologies (C#, ASP, MVC, WebApi...)
Database Design (MS SQL, MySQL, SQL Azure, others)
Software Architecture (Cloud, REST, SOA, N-Tier, Client/Server)
Product Management

Software Developer

I excel as a team lead and can design, develop, and maintain web, mobile, and desktop software applications. Just need to augment your existing team? I’m happy to be your code-monkey.

Software Architect

Developing a simple data-driven website, a mobile-enabled SaaS offering, or an enterprise application? Leverage my extensive software experience to save you time and money.

SaaS Specialist

Software as a service is my specialty. Whether you are getting started or have an established product, I understand the complexities of melding business fundamentals and software development.

Years Experience


Successful Projects


Satisfied Users

$s M

Value Created

Your business is my business.

Whether you are building the next great SaaS offering or you need help with an internal project, I want to know about what you do! Through adaptive collaboration I develop lasting relationships because your success is my success.
Here are a few successful projects I have been heavily involved with over my career.


Tournament software for martial artists, by martial artists - a complete martial arts tournament management system. In fact, we use TournamentTiger™ for our own martial arts tournaments!


Brought to you by Circle Industries & Technologies and the legendary Kenz & Leslie team. Omnique v4.0 is the premier shop management software solution for the automotive repair industry.


ARI Network Services offers an award-winning suite of SaaS, software tools, and marketing services to help dealers, equipment manufacturers and distributors Sell More Stuff!.

Creating Hover-Style Info Boxes on Bing Maps

When v7.0 of the Bings Maps AJAX control was released last fall, I began testing out how easy it would be to port some of my existing code...


My customers and co-workers are my partners and my friends. We have successfuly worked together over many years, projects, and varied industries. Here is what they say about working with me.

Bart McDonough

“Eric has what I think are all the best traits in a professional, well rounded software architect: a passion for technology, a keen business sense, a desire to give his clients the best solution possible, and the knowledge and experience to deliver on that desire.”

Bart McDonough
Technical Lead at Camping World / Good Sam
James Villarreal

“Finding a talented and relevant technologist, solutions architect and software developer, who fully understands both the fundamentals and complexities of business is a very rare find… and his approach and execution on solutions have all be exceptional.”

James Villarreal
Chief-of-Staff/Business and Strategic Operations
Tim Lennek

“I worked with Eric at Hatton Point. Without a doubt, he is one of the best software architects that I've been associated with. His thoughts and ideas are crisp and to the point. Eric is able to manage client expectations as well as multi-task, running several projects concurrently.”

Tim Lennek
Sr. Software Developer at RM Software
Jesse Hormachea

“Eric has a wide range of knowledge and is willing to share what he knows with junior developers. He is always willing to help with anything you need.”

Jesse Hormachea
Senior Project Manager at BlueModus
Randy Bell

“Eric has always been a pleasure to work with. His approach to developing a solution to a problem is, in my opinion, very sound and I always take pleasure in him reviewing my code.”

Randy Bell
Senior / Lead Developer at Fanatics, Inc.
Bill Pierce

“I first worked with Eric when he was hired as a contractor to help ship an ailing product. Eric's expertise, dedication, and leadership not only got the product out the door but also resulted in his transition to product manager.”

Bill Pierce
Software Development Engineer at Microsoft
Dan Durland

“Eric took over product and development management duties for a web-based product that ARI acquired and handled both with efficiency. He skilfully transitioned back and forth between interfacing with the customer and interfacing with the development team, of which he was an integral member.”

Dan Durland
Engineer at ARI Network Services
TournamentTiger Martials Arts Software
ARI Network Services
Equinox Fund Management
Omnique Automotive Shop Management

Contact us for a consultation

Please contact me using the information below. For additional information on consulting services, please visit the services page on this site.

  • Virtual office located in
    Monument, CO. 80132
    United States
  • 719​.302​.1880
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